Saturday, April 23, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Holiday Pictures

Here was our attempt at holiday pictures for Christmas cards...the lighting isn't great, and there are shadows...but the kids smiled so great!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving this year my family came here for the weekend. On Thursday we went down to Beeville for the day to celebrate with extended family at Aunt Gladys' home. We had lots of fun seeing everyone! Here is Dad with his Aunt GladysAll the kids with their Great Great Aunt Gladys

Random pics of everyone else during the weekend

The pictures you get...

When your camera gets left with my brother...silly boy! He's always taken goofy pictures!

When you PLAY too HARD...

These pictures say it all...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sister Weekend

My sister Laura and I have the same birthday 6 years apart. As a kid, it really bothered me...but as we've gotten older the more and more I love it! I can't think of anyone better to share my special day with! This year for our birthday we got to "get away" for a weekend. We got a hotel stay from our brother Stephen, we got $$$ from our parents for pedicures & shopping, and a certificate for dinner from my wonderful hubby Dave. It was great! We went to Austin and had a great time! We went down town and explored- we saw the Capitol building, the bridge with the bats (when they weren't there cause the idea of that many bats kinda freaked us out), and even ventured down 6th street. I got a really fun shirt in a souvenir shop that says Austin where the weird things are, it has the creature from the where the wild things are, only he has bat wings, longhorns, and a guitar. Leaving down town we got a bit lost getting back to our hotel, so that was an adventure...but in the end we made it. Oh and since Laura is in massage school she needed to get in a practice massage...I LOVED it! Between the time with her, the sleeping through the night, the massage, the pedicure, the shopping, and the great food I felt thoroughly spoiled and relaxed! Our Toes, mine are the green ones...A super YUMMY chocolaty dessert.One of the many cool guitars in down town Austin.

The Capitol Building.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Addy's Birthday

Addy turned 6 on November 8th. I can't believe it, she is growing up so fast!

I made a slide show with her new 6 year pictures, but and/or blogger is being LAME and I keep getting a message saying tag is broken in the code... so if you want to see it click here:
This year we had her party at a great little place called Wee World. We figured it would be best to have the party somewhere other than home just in case the house had a showing. It was our first time to do a party at a location, and I must say it was quite nice! I didn't have to clean and decorate, I didn't have to plan party games, and there wasn't much "clean up" at the end. The best part was the lovely ladies at Wee World that agreed to a barter. I made them an awesome baby gift basket for a promotional give away, and they gave me 2 hours use of the party room. Gotta love the barter system!!!

Addy LOVED having her party there! She played and played and played! She loved having her friends there! She had a princess crown cake, and all the girls got sparkly pink cr0wns. Thanks to everyone who helped make her day so special!
Katelyn in the castle. Addy & Marianne doing presents.

Charlotte in the log cabin.